Custom web pages?

We have a lot of cabinets with very similar configurations, each with it’s own CM-32. It can get very confusing when switching between pages to keep up exactly where you are.

Is there anyway to customize the web pages to show a different logo and/or background color so we can easily distinguish between each one? I tried modifying /var/httpd/html/images/logo.gif to indicate which switch you are on but cannot get access to the file even as root.


There is no way to customize the web pages in the manner you ask. I would just suggest that you specify port title names in a way that helps you identify the CM you are on.

Try setting up 150+ servers spread over six digis. It’s pretty confusing before the port titles are set. Our cabinets are in three pairs so the hostnames are identical except for the odd/even part of the port title, so even after building it’s still confusing… Confusing enough that it’s easier to ssh direct to ports with a special cname (“hostname-x” goes to “hostname-x-con”).

Color coding and/or clear logos in the top would be a great help when working with more than a few distinct units. We already use red/green prompts to indicate left/right odd/even cabinets.

Also, it would be helpful to be able to set the default page after initially logging in rather than always going to the config page.

Sometimes it feels like the web interface was really designed to be there for setting up the boxes and most folks simply use ssh to connect day-to-day. The slow Java term emulator with ssh + v1.7, ssh2 JTE problems and the issues above seem to be easy wins to make the web interface really usable.