AccelePort Xr 920 card on Debian 6 with Sparc CPU....

Hi at all

I have some AccelePort Xr 920 Cards and i would like to use them with a Sun Blade 2500 Silver. (I think it’s compatible at hardware-level, i have these cards from a Sun Ultra 10…)

On the Blade 2500, i run Debian 6.0.5 (“Squeeze”)

So i saw, there are some drivers for Debian 3.1.

In the compressed driver file (that i can download) i saw some .bin files. Are these files compiled for the x86/Intel-platform?

And i saw some .c files. Maybe inside these files is some x86-inline-assembler…

Has somebody an idea how to run this card on Debian 6.0.5 on a sparc hardware platform?

Best regards, Jan

can i simple compile this source code?


if you look on the sources you will see a message that this driver only runs on x86 platform. However, I don’t know if it’s a conservative message or something needed.

I have a debian package of the driver, updated to wheezy, so ask if you need it.

Best regards, Leopold

hi leopold

thank you for your feedback.

" I have a debian package of the driver, updated to wheezy, so ask if you need it."

for the sparc architecture?

i saw a firmware chip on my card. after removement of that chip, the card will be recognized as a acceleport xr 920 in windows. :slight_smile:

(the card was for sun computers with solaris)

maybe debian will also support it only without that chip…? who know…??

i need to try…

best regards, jan

No, I don’t have the package for the sparc architecture, but you could recompile it and try.

Thanks! I will send you a message when i need it. (Maybe later…)

Best regards, Jan

Hi leopold
We are having problems to get an acceleport xr 920 work in debian squeeze, could you provide the driver? It would be very useful to have the driver for debian wheezy also.
Thanks in advance,

You can download it from