Accelport 8r 920 communication problems

I am running an accelport 8r 920 in a win 2000 system on a Dell GX240. The system is designed to receive data from external sources, convert it in a board, and then sent it on through the com cable. The board shows to be working properly in the device manager with all com ports (5-12)working but fails to receive data in the program. The card came out of an NT 4.0 system which worked fine with the same ports and still works if reinstalled. I am not sure if I have a PCI bus problem or what. Is there a way to check the com ports to see if they are receiving data?

The best way would be to do a loopback test on the com ports. To do this, you’d put a loopback plug in the end of the serial cable, open the com port with Hyperterm and see if whatever you type echoes back to your screen.

This is a good way to discover whether application and cabling issues are the possible cause.