Access EtherLite 32 from Windows XP and Tru64 Unix


I’ve few Etherlite32 installed in Tru64 Unix environment, I would like to know if those TSs can also be accessed by Widnow servers as well. I understand the firmware used is different in each environment.

Many thanks.

WF Chu

The only firmware supported for the Etherlites by Digi is the Realport firmware.

A Realport driver exists for Windows XP, but you would have to load Realport firmware on your Etherlite for the driver to work with it.

As for Tru64, a Realport driver did exist at one time, but due to a serious panic issue with that driver and the fact that we’ve end-of-lifed support for the operating system itself, a “fix” was never released and the problem driver is no longer offered to our customers.