Accessing devices inside Digi Network

HQ has firewall and LAN IP segment of 192.168.90.x

Digi WR31 in the field has static WAN IP over cellular ( Verizon ) and LAN IP segment of 10.90.33.x Eth0 on Digi is

HQ and Digi are connected via an IPSec VPN Tunnel

Once the tunnel is up, I can connect to the web interface of the Digi on and can also ping that interface.

There is a switch connected to Eth0 and devices connected to that switch ( all are on the 10.90.33.x network )… but… I can’t ping any of those devices or connect to them from HQ.

If SSH into the Digi, I can ping them from inside the Digi, which tells me there is a config issue on the Digi.

Firewall is only enabled on the PPP1 interface.

If you can connect to the Digi via SSH it is going to be either your near end/far end subnets in the ipsec tunnel or a gateway issue in the far end device.

You can see this by tracing ICMP on the ethernet interface of the WR31 and seeing if you get a response.

A poor mans way of testing this is by turning on “eth 0 do_nat 2” and seeing if ping works to the end device. If that works it is 100% the end device gateway.

Nicholas Wilson
Your IoT


Can you share your eroute and LAN config?