How devices connected to ETH0 can access internet from WR11?

Hello DIGI community experts,

I have a DIGI transport WR11 (WR11-M600-DE1-XB) configured with mobile cellular connection set up (public IP). I would like to allow devices connected to the ETH0 port to access the internet. What configuration needs to be done?

I also set up a VPN tunnel with IPSec (tested and working fine) for LAN-to-LAN communication but I am not able to get the devices on ETH0 network to access internet.

I appreciate if you can point me in the right direction.


Hello SebasL,

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If you set the default route to your cellular interface (ppp 1) then it will route all incoming traffic from the Ethernet interface(s) out that interface. Here is the user manual entry for default routes:

As far as your IPsec question, if your default route is set correctly and the cellular interface is the default interface for WAN connectivity then it should route that traffic correctly. If you need additional assistance after setting the default route, please open a case at and please provide a copy of your debug.txt file:

  • James
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Thanks for the prompt reply James.
The default route 0 is configured to PPP1, Metric 1. Does the Gateway needs to be specified in the default route setting?

For the interfaces, I have NAT enabled on both the ETH0 and PPP1. Is this correct? I am thinking it is only needed for the PPP1 side.

On the ETH0 interface, I have set up a static IP and Mask Do I need to specify the Gateway and DNS server?

Hi SebasL,

All that sounds correct except NAT on ETH 0. PAT should be enabled on PPP 1 (Enable NAT IP Address and Port).

You shouldn’t need to specify a gateway or DNS for Eth 0 if the device is in HUB Mode.

If you are still having issues, I would submit a case to along with a copy of you debug.txt:

I would also provide an output of a traceroute (or tracert depending on OS) just so we can see what hops it was taking.

Digi Technical Support Engineer

Did you ever get this solved? I’m having the same problem.