DIGI transport config to isp bridged router


can anyone give me instructions of configuring digi transport wr21 (two ethernet ports) with latest framework to connecting to bridged ISP router?



Could you provide any more details about the scenario you’re trying to setup? Is the WR21 already connected to a Cellular provider, or are you trying to do something different than that?

And where does this bridged ISP router come into play, exactly?


so i put isp modem in bridge mode (this is dsl line). From modem i use crossover cable to connect to digi port eth0. i need basic config of digi to establish connection to internet over bridged isp modem.

WR21 works fine over Cellular provider. My ads line will be primary connection to internet and line over cellular provider will be back up line if dsl fails.

i hope you untherstand


Have you looked at this Application Note?


Yes, i did watch at that note. But this is config where isp device is in routing mode.

i need configuration where isp device is in bridge mode. i connected eth0 port to isp device in bridge port.

so now i need how to configure eth0 and pppoe on digi device.

i hope you understand me.

you have to set a PPP instance to use PPPoE and give it relavent username and password. (pppoe 0) -> if using lan 0

this will setup PPP with the ipaddress from isp and then a default route to point to PPP x

hope this helps

Fyi i did everything correct but isp device has u problem, They changed new device and now is ok.