Digi WR21 Failover eth 1 to w-wan

I am trying to create a failover between Eth 1 ISP to W-WAN
AT&T. After i configure what i think is correct the PPP 1
does not come up. only ISP…

Thanks in advance!


Have you looked at

this has Ethernet Wan interface and fails to cellular wan interface


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I have tried it but it does not bring the W-WAN up.

how is ethernet failing

have you tried from ground up make sure cellular works

add ethernet
add secondery default route with weighting

then look at failure checking

once eth is put into OOS cellular should be used

Ok so i tried it again and it was great. Now the issue is that every 30 seconds i lose 3 packets every 30 seconds on the dot. I have played with all second on the interface PPP.
When failover to ppp happens.

Thank you for helping!

that could be down to the ethernet trying to recover and it brings the default route back in.

this all depends on your configuration and how quickly you want to get back to ethernet