Digi TransPort WR44v2 - how to failover from Cell to ETH1

We purchased 46 Digi TransPort WR44v2.

I am looking to see what is the easiest way to automatically failover from cellular signal (SIM) to ETH1 (that will come from Satellite).
We need to set the ETH1 to 2nd priority over cellular as Satellite is much more expensive. Whenever cellular is available it should be used.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Not sure if this will help, stumbled on this, I would assume it works similar just have to give your Cellular a lower metric.


PS: I have not tried it myself.


Here is a Application Note on how to do this with monitoring

this goes through how to setup the firewall to monitor traffic and bring the cellular down if it cannot communicate.

this then allows traffic to flow on an ethernet interface



You can find many self help guides on our support pages here:


The exact document you want is Application Note 71 here: