Activate LAN network status LED in DigiCOnnect ME9210

How can I activate the LAN network LED on DigiConnect ME 9210 module ? It is not active by default. The manual says that this LED is software programmable. How can I control this from the user space or kernel space ? What are the GPIOs associated with this ?

try using gpio_test example. it includes a saimple gpio kernel module. Run it with default settings first, then change LED_GPIO in source code whatever NS9210 GPIO you want to control
#elif defined(CONFIG_DEL_CME9210JS)
#define GPIO_PIN_DEVICE_BUT “/dev/gpio/1”
#define GPIO_PIN_DEVICE_LED “/dev/gpio/2”

Looking at module schematics the Activity LED is NS9210 pin E15 (not F15 as I previously thought, sorry for the confusion) So it should be GPIO[10] or /dev/gpio/9