AD converter question

I just started working with the A/D converter and had a question about the specs. The sample code shows the following: analog_sensor.configure(1, xbeeain.TenV)and indicates this is setting the channel 1 to 10V.

In the documentation set for the zigbee it indicated max voltage input at 1.2 V.

can anyone give me some insight on max input voltage for the ADC?

thanks much!

Hi Allen,

The A/D converter on the XBee ZB module supports up to 1.2V. Digi has an analog adapter product that can be configured to support analog input voltages up to 10V. (The input voltage on the analog adapter is divided down before reaching the XBee pin.)

Hope that helps!

Hi Damons,

yes, very helpful. Thanks for clearing that up… now I won’t have to burn out a zigbee to find out. :slight_smile:

While we’re on the subject of, an issue with using the XBee AIO adapter for differential mode was found yesterday.

Things like the Python Drivers for Digi Adapters (Part number 40002640) will be updated with the fix once it passes our Engineering Systems Assurance process to ensure reliability, but in the meantime I wanted to post the updated file here for those who have need of it.