Ad Hoc network between two XBee Wi-Fi (S6B) modules not working

I recently purchased two XBee Wi-Fi (S6B) modules to use in a project. I would like two setup an Ad Hoc network between the two devices. I also purchased two XBEE Explorer boards for connecting the devices to computers via USB. I connected both boards to separate computers and set the device parameters for one module as an IBSS Creator and the other as an IBSS Joiner. I used the exact parameters as outlined in the Ad Hoc Network section of the product manual for the device. I left the devices in Transparent Mode and opened the serial console in XCTU for each device. However, no input that was typed in the serial console was received by either device. Are there some parameters that I need to set other than the ones listed in the product manual? I am using the standard Digi 2.1 dBi omnidirectional antennas for each device.

Have you assigned Channel to AdHoc Creator module? If not, then you need to do this using AT command mode on Creator node sine this parameter is not configurable under XCTU UI.

For example to set channel 4, use AT command: ATCH4