ADDP and the Windows XP firewall

I cannot set up the XP firewall to allow ADDP for Device Discovery.

With the firewall turned off it DOES work.

One DIGI document says open UDP ports 2362 and 2363. Another DIGI document mentions UDP port 2365.

I have opened up UDP ports 2363, 2363 and 2365. For good measure, I opened up TCP 2363 in case the return packet came by TCP.

Does anyone have anything more definitive?

Try monitoring ADDP traffic with WireShark. I do know ADDP uses Multicast addressing, so maybe that’s what Windows Firewall is blocking.

I’ve seen Windows Firewall act goofy at times. jwormsley idea about wireshark is a good one. At least that way you’ll know if the discovery messages and responses are making back to your PC.


For the record, I have found at least part of the answer. The DIGI discovery tool uses a different UDP port on the PC for sending and receiving each time you click “Refresh”, so it’s a moving target.

I wrote my own version of a discovery tool and use the same UDP port each time; that plays nicely with the firewall.