ADDP Protocol Documentation

Hi all

I need to implement the ADDP Protocol in one of our products to detect all Digi Connect ME’s. I searched the Digi website but couldn’t find anything. Can someone tell me where to find a documentation???



Here’s some info on ADDP:

Please let us know what other kinds of things you need to know if that doesn’t suffice.

Thanks for your answer! The link was very helpfull, but I need some more info about the protocol. I did some network analyzing with Ethereal, that gave me an idea how the protocol works, but there are still some questions. For example:

Sending a multicast message containing (in hex):
44 49 47 49 00 01 00 06 ff ff ff ff ff ff
to address port 2362 gives an answer back from all Digis connected on the network.

The first 4 characters are simple: 44 49 47 49 means DIGI.
And I think 00 must be some kind of a separator. The last 6 characters ff ff ff ff ff ff are the MAC address. Sending these ff … means that all Digis have to answer and if I enter a valid MAC address of a Digi, only this device answers. But I don’t know what the 01 and 06 mean, must be some kind of command request???

That was the easier part, the answer string from a Digi device is much longer and contains much more information.

If there is a document with a description of all these commands, that would be very helpfull!

Thanks again!


Hi - is there a more up to date link relative to the ADDP documentation?


I also would like a working link to this documentation. Thank you!

However, I just found a rather old but very detailed post about a Java implementation of ADDP!

There is an official Java JAR of the ADDP here:

Thank you for this report.
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