ADDP Packet Information

I am trying to implement the ADDP protocol with a Digi Connect EM board. In looking at the BSP.h file with respect to the ADDP, I notice that there are three values that should be modified: ADDP_OEM_GUID, ADDP_HARDWARE_NAME, and ADDP_FEP_REV. I have successfully configured ADDP_OEM_GUID to find only the devices with that GUID, but I can’t seem to find where the other two values appear. I have been analyzing the network with Ethereal and it seems that only the ADDP_OEM_GUID is sent. I have also looked at the addp.h file under the _addp_device_info_t structure, which is what holds the information that comes back from the device, and noticed it does not have fields for the latter two of these three values. In the addpconf_api.c file there are functions to get these values: ADDPGetHardwareName, ADDPGetFepRev, and ADDPGetHardwareRev, but I can’t seem to find where the calls to these functions appear. I suspect that they are somewhere in the .lib files. Is there a way to configure the ADDP protocol to get those values back from the device by modifying the files I have access to?


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