ADDP sample application


I use Digi Connect ME modules and I have Starter kit. Digi have ADDP finder example. It gives addp.h and addp.dll files. In example Digi use ADDPOpenByGuid function, but addp.dll file is not include same function. However I use ADDPOpen function. It seems a successful but ADDPStartSyncSearch and ADDPStartSyncSearchEx functions can’t find any digi modules on network.
Maybe “Vendor_ID” parameter which is use in ADDPopen function makes problem.
Also I create new guid in program. It is written in “ReadMe.html” file.

Use this informations.
vendor_id = 1146506068; decimal.
GUID = {0xbf6db409, 0xc83d, 0x44a3, 0xa3,0x6d,0x21,0x79,0x7d,0x2f,0x73,0xf9};

After a lot of testing I figured out that if you use the addp.lib it doesn’t work. Use a LoadLibrary on addp.dll.