Discovery ME S module, own software


I need to find a way to discover ME S modules on the PC side. The point is that I want to do it without the Digi sofware to make it differently.
Where could i find a application to help me to design this piece of software ?
Using addp.exe ?

Can I find the a sample discovery file in the ftp support ?



The Digi Connect Integration Kit includes several sourece code example applications, including one entitled Finder.

The Finder example is a version of the Digi Discovery tool provided in binary form, in the same kit.


Hi guys,

It has been some time now since these questions were posed.

I have already the IP ports and some rudimentary info here, but does anyone have the COMPLETE documentation of the ADDP protocol?

If so, could it be posted here?

Thanks in advance,

I dont have the integration kit CD, I made the PCB on my own.Is this FInder application available from the ftp support or do I have to get the CD ?

NET+OS 7.0 contains the source to the Finder app, as well as a DLL called ADDP.DLL with a header, ADDP.H. This isn’t the source to ADDP itself, but it is supposed to let you implement ADDP for yourself with your own GUID to keep you separate from all the other ADDP capable modules out there.

However, in trying to use this, I found that the DLL doesn’t export the ADDPOpenByGUID function used by the Finder.exe source (apparently Finder uses the .LIB versions) and the alternative, ADDPOpen needs a Vendor ID that isn’t documented anywhere (I want to be able to configure “raw” Digi’s as well as my own).