ADDP Discovery App

The sample ADDP Discovery app is built with Visual C++ 6.0, and uses lib files. I only have Visual Studio Express 2005, which can’t compile this application at all. Plus, my normal programming environment is Delphi, which doesn’t use C lib files at all. Is there any way to get the addp functions in a normal DLL, rather than a lib, so that I can use any programming language/version to access the ADDP functions? Or, even better, is the source code to these libraries available so that I can build and/or translate them myself?

I know this is a real old post, but I’d like to point out that the reason this user (most likely) couldn’t compile the program in Visual Studio 2005 EXPRESS is that the Express versions of Visual Studio do not come with MFC headers or libraries, which would be necessary in order to compile this code >_>. He could build a DLL that wraps calls to the ADDP lib file then (I presume load the wrapped calls in Delphi or some other language that can interface with DLLs).

The source code does not seem to be available but it shouldn’t matter that much unless you need to work with something other than windows as your discovery platform.