Advanced Device Disocvery Protocol C++ Library

We use the Advanced Device Disocvery Protocol C++ Library that Comes with the following files:

  • addp.dll
  • addp.h
  • addpdl.lib
  • addpdld.lib
  • etc.

The files are dated with July 2006. The addp.dll has the Version
Does Digi has newer release of those files?

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Our application can not be built because addp library V1.0.2.0 is using functions that are not available in Visual Studio 2015 actual build tools (sprintf, vsnprintf, iob).
Can it be that no one from Digi Internation knows whether there is a newer library or not?

Is there an update from Digi Support on this?

Patrick - what did you end up doing to meet your discovery requirements?



There was no answer from Digi in the forum. From my point of view this forum is not well supported by Digi. As far as I remember the problem got solved in the Digi online support. The newest version we got was V2.1.9 from August 2016.