addressing issues

Hey! I really need help! I would truly apreciate if somebody answer me, can I configure the xbee radios from an arduino code I mean a code loaded in the microcontroller instead of using putty? this is because i have 3 devices a master and two slaves and I want to change from slave 1 to slave 2 alternately since I know you just can configure one destination address from putty or x-ctu =S

let me explain you with an example:
I have 3 modules:
MY0, MY1, MY2
I want MY0 to send data to MY1 and to MY2 not at the same time, not a broadcast. I made an interface with 2 buttons so the idea is that if I press the left button on the module with the MY0 address this module is going to send data to MY1 and if I press the right button MY0 is going to send data to MY2.
as you can see I need to change addresses from MY1 to MY2 as the user choses to whom is going to send the data…
do you have any idea how can I do this? with a code from Arduino or maybe configuring it from X-CTU?

Hi Darius

Yes you can control a xbee with a microcontroller. Have a look at chapter 2 on pg 26 of this pdf: