after change ip can't connect from client to rabbit

hi all .
i use rabbit 4000
and my default ip is
when i change the ip to 10.10.6.X
i can connect to the rabbit board.
but when i change the all 4 fields than it unable to connect.

anyone know why??

the subnet of the rabbit device must match the subnet of the PC if they are on the same network otherwise they cannot communicate.

What is the ip address of your PC?


the subnetmask in the pc and the rabbit is the same.

th rabbit is connected directly to the pc in LAN .

and the pc ip that i give him all the time is 192.168.X.X

and the GATEWAY is

and when i change the ip for the rabbit then i change the same address for the gateway but still nothing.

i mean the gateway of the PC is
the rabbit doesn’t have a gateway

i dont have a router between the subnets and the subnet is the same in the PC and the rabbit . the subnet that i define for both of them its

and the code of the rabbit it:

#define TCPCONFIG 1
#define _PRIMARY_STATIC_IP  ""
#define _PRIMARY_NETMASK    ""
#define MY_GATEWAY          ""
#define MY_NAMESERVER       ""

and the change ip command it:

ifconfig(IF_ETH0,IFS_IPADDR, aton(""),IFS_UP,IFS_END);

while (ifpending(IF_ETH0) == IF_COMING_UP)  										  {										   tcp_tick(NULL);


i solve the problem
when i change for first 3 segment (on the PC IP) to be the same 3 segment from the server its work .

Sounds like you have a mismatched network there. I would expect the PC, the Rabbit device and the gateway to all have the same subnet.

For example if the net mask is then they should all

have 10.10.6.xx addresses or 192.168.y.x where y would be the same for all 3.


Unless you have a router between the subnets, this configuration will not work. The PC and the Rabbit device need to be using the same subnet.

Search out some tutorials on IP adddressing and see how it is supposed to work.


When you define the netmask as the first 3 segments define the subnet and the last segment defines the local address on the subnet. As you have found, the first 3 segments must then match if communications is to succeed.