Problem ping between my card and my pc

I would like do a ping between my card and my PC :

To configure it i use :

#define TCPCONFIG 1
#define MY_GATEWAY “”
#define MY_NAMESERVER “”
//#define PORT “8888”


  • End of configuration section *

#memmap xmem
#use dcrtcp.lib

void main()

// Start network and wait for interface to come up (or error exit).

for (;:wink: {

But when I ping my IP on windows she doesn’t exist. If i check with ipconfig i didn’t see my IP of my card. So i would like know how to resolve this. ( If have tried with ipconfig too and all in the datasheet TCP/IP). I changed my network pc to match my settings.

How are you connecting the windows pc to the Rabbit? If you are doing a direct connect which does not have a hub in between you will need a crossover cable. If you do not have a crossover cable you will need to connect a cable from pc to a hub and then another cable from Rabbit to same hub as pc is connected. Please verify the hardware, cable and hub are working.

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Thank you Campbell it was by problem and this work now !