Analog Voltage Readings

I have a BL2600 Wolf computer and run Dynamic C Version 9.21. I’m attempting to read voltages using the sample program “adc_rd_se_unipolar.c”. I’m using a voltage range of 0V-5V. Whether I have the analog input channels (0-7) connected to a sensor, power supply, or nothing at all, I get a constant reading on every channel. It does not change if I change the supplied voltage, or even disconnect the supplied power all together. The same thing happens with analog outputs. Using the sample program “dac_volts_sync.c”, no matter what voltage I type into the program, a constant 1.20V comes out of every channel (0-3) whether it is the channel I’m using to put a voltage out, or not. Even if the program isn’t running, a constant 1.20V is read off of the analog outputs. I attempted to calibrate the channels for the voltage readings, but it didn’t change anything. Any ideas? Thanks!

Keith M. Krebs
O’Savage BioMechanics