Voltage Readings

I have a BL2600 Wolf. I am using the sample program “ADC_RD_SE_UNIPOLAR.C” to try and read analog input voltages. No matter what I have hooked up (sensors, power supply, or even nothing), I get the same readings. I’m using Gain Code 2 to read 0-5 V. What I get in the STDIO window is:

CHANNEL = 0 VOLTAGE = -0.086
CHANNEL = 1 VOLTAGE = -0.083
CHANNEL = 2 VOLTAGE = -0.035
CHANNEL = 3 VOLTAGE = -0.020
CHANNEL = 4 VOLTAGE = -0.055
CHANNEL = 5 VOLTAGE = -0.056
CHANNEL = 6 VOLTAGE = -0.030
CHANNEL = 7 VOLTAGE = -0.025

I also ran the sample program “ADC_CAL_SE_UNIPOLAR.C” to try and calibrate the voltages using a power supply and voltmeter. I know the computer as a whole is working because of the sample program “PONG.C” still works. However I can’t get the analog inputs (or outputs) to work using the sample programs provided. Any advice? Thanks!

Keith Krebs
O’Savage BioMechanics

The only thing I can think that would cause all the ports to not work other than a hardware failure is not using the Analog ground. Analog ground is separate from digital ground on this board. If this is not your problem, I would suggest you call in to technical support and get some direct help.