problems with AnaInVlots function

hi !!

i’m running the sample RCM4200/adc/AD_RDVOLT_ALL.C and go through all the instructions by placing a power supply of 2v to the inputs LN0 but nothing i have always -4096
i don’t understand why !!:mad:

but i hope having a response :o:o

Hi yes I have checked with phpmyadmin and the pictures are being stored properly. The size of the picture is present.


I was having a similar problem. First off are you using single (one value) or differential mode(compare)?
the value you read is (volts on pin * gainset)/vref * 2048. If this value is greater than 2048 or a negative number not close to 0, then you will see -4096.
make sure volts*gainset is less than 2.048V