Any recommendation for Low latency long range link?


I’m trying to build a control system for UAV and I need a RF module to send short messages (up to 8 bytes) with lowest possible latency: preferably less than 5 ms.

I’m thinking to use XTend or XBee Pro 900 models.

Could anyone let me know what kind of minimum latency can I achieve using above mentioned modules, and if they are not suitable please recommend something else.
I realize that the latency is dependent on the interference and other conditions, let’s assume that we have ideal conditions with no interference.

Thank you

The lowest latency product is going to be the XBee 802.15.4 modules. All others will take longer than 5ms to transmit the data.

Thank you for your answer. As far as I can see XBee 802.15.4 modules are 2.4 GHz only and low power. Is there a 900MHz version available with 250 mW or higher power?