UART/ XBEE 802.15.4 Latency

What is the maximum latency between uart message arriving in XBee module and sending into the radio ?
Same question for receiving ?
I made a scope analysis which show that we sometimes more than 40 ms.
I’m using XBEE module (802.15.4) Fw version 2006.
Thanks for your feedback.

That looks about right.

This delay is very normal with XBee modules. Infact, I believe this transmission setup wouldn’t be encountering any retries. Otherwise I would expect this delay to go up by few tens of milliseconds more than current value.

Data are given for S1 model. We use XB3-24Z8UT module.
Are the latency given are still available?
Other question, what’s the maximum payload per transfer ? 84 bytes ? 94 bytes ? 104 bytes ?
The next link gives 94 is it still true for our device ?

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