Very slow sending data

I have 2 X-bee modules (not pro) that are about 2 years old. I finally got them out to play with them. I upgraded the Firmware to the latest version. I have them setup so that 1 is a transmitter and the other a receiver, I really don’t need to send data the other way. the problem I have is I’m sending data about every 20 ms from 1 to the other, but the receiver is getting data about 1 or 2 times per second. It looks like I’m getting about 1 out of 50 packets. I have rs232 boards that are the same size as an xbee, so I can plug them in and use a null modem cable and everything works great. I have tried putting bigger delays between the packets, but that does not help either. The only changes I made to the Xbee settings was to change the baud rate to 19200. I’m sending between 12 and 20 bytes, then I wait 20 ms, and send another packet.
I have VCC, ground, rx and tx (and rssi) hooked up on the xbee and that is it. Anybody have an idea what could cause this kind of problem. This is just bench testing right now so the distance between the 2 is about 2 feet.


Check your “Sample Rate” it should be between 60-100 parameter and your “Sample befor TX” parameter should be be between 1-5.

Try changing both those 2 parameters