XBee-PRO ZB (S2B) data transmission issue


I set up a network with 2 XBEE modules (xbp24bz7wit-003). I want to transmit 256-bytes packets per 50 milliseconds from DFrduino FIO to PC USB-XBEE module. In practise I was not able to transmit all 256 bytes per 50 milliseconds(only 84 or more bytes has been transmitted per 50 milliseconds). Before I did wireless experiments I have tested a communication between the modules with my special software (the Arduino sender app and the Qt receive application) through a USB-serial connection. All bytes has been received properly(256-bytes packets per 50 milliseconds with a correct control sum).

After my unsuccessful experiments I tested the modules with X-CTU. I have got the same result like this man.

What is the problem? Low transmission output power or what’s it?

It is a part of my arduino program:

uint8  rawClientPacket[256];
void setup() 

void loop()
  Serial.write(rawClientPacket, 256);

When I changed the delay value to 400 ms it has worked. But it is not my desired result. I want to transmit the packets per 50 ms or lower.

The product you are using is a Mesh based product which has specific timing requirements and functions that must occur. These functions such as Rout Discovery and broadcast delays are required and simply take longer than 50ms. In addition, unless you are using API mode and sending data to and from a Coordinator and a sleeping end device, the maximum packet size you can send is 84 bytes.

I don’t use API mode. I use AT mode.
What can I do to increase the bandwidth to 256b/50ms?

Simply put you can’t.

It is bad news.
What can you advice from a big range of XBEE modules for the real time communication? XBEE Wi-Fi?

Yes the wifi module is the highest data rate and lowest latency product available.