How to get rid of delays on the XBee Pro S2B modules?

I use module XBee S2B Pro. Firmware XB24-ZB 21A7 (Coordinator/Router API).
I do cyclic sending of the remote and the normal AT commands for turn on/off of the leds on module-source and module-receiver has to simultaneously turn on/off your LEDs. When using DigiMesh firmware on other XBee series 1 modules API frames the remote AT command is transmitted every 60 milliseconds (faster transmission occurs with errors) and it was stable.
When using the S2B constantly observed a pause in the transmission of frames even if you send the command to turn on/off the led two times per second both modules at the time 1-5 seconds to retain the last received status and then quickly reproduce all received during this time teams. That is, the led is blinking once per second, then after 3-5 seconds will save the last-acquired state ( turn on/off the led). After another 3-5 seconds the module is “alive” and quickly barely noticeable to the human eye performs all commands that were received during the shutdown.
The same situation is observed with the data transfer (0x10 Transmit request). At some point, the module receiver is silent and then prints out all received data.
The same thing happens in AT command mode (transparent mode).

Is data transmission with constant velocity without delay possible for the ZigBee Protocol? How to do it?

All settings for the firmware XB24-ZB 21A7 is the default.

Thank you.

No it is not. It is a function of the RF protocol that keeps you from being able to send data at higher rates. Simply put, the zigbee protocol was never design for sending large amounts of data very fast.

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That is, I can’t guarantee sending data every 100 milliseconds, for example?

This parameter is not configurable?

No it is not a parameter you can set. It is a function deep within the IEEE standard.