XBee Pro s2 and third-party manufacturers of ZigBee devices

Can I use XBee Pro S2 ZigBee together with ZigBee devices from other manufacturers?
If Yes, how is it configured?

Yes, just set the ZS command to a value of 1 or 2.

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Will it give me possibility to increase frequency of transmit the packet?
Today (ZS=0) I can send no more then 90 bytes in one API-packet every 2 seconds. If I send faster appear delays about 3-5 seconds after 5-8 API-packets and in the end after the few packets with frequency less 2 seconds some API-packets are guaranteed to get lost.
I cant send more bytes in one API-packet because XCTU dont allow me to do it. If will sent more bytes in one API-packet the module will not respond that it received my packet.

No, it will not. But if you use Unicast addressing instead of Broadcast addressing, you would increase it slightly.

Okey, I will try.
But why Digi write that module XBee Pro series 2 ZigBee has 250 KBit/s? Link: https://www.digi.com/products/xbee-rf-solutions/embedded-rf-modules-modems/digi-xbee-zigbee#specifications
In fact it has about 360 bit/s (90 byte * 8 / 2 second) deterministically. Limited time I can have about 10 KBit/s, but ideally I need 10 kBit/s at least.

That is the Fixed RF Data rate specified by the IEEE and Zigbee standards. It is NOT the throughput. That is listed in the manual in a different location.

throughput of what?

The XBee module.

I met the information on the transmission rate of the payload 40 Kbps, but not 360 bps (or 10 Kbps).

Okey, thank you.