XBee Throghput not have 250kbps

I have two XBee S2.

1 Coordinator (API mode)
1 Router (API mode)

R -> C

I’m try use the XBee(router) transmission

150byte packet to XBee(coordinator).

But I use X-CTU look the throughput. I’ts only have 8~9kbps.

What’s the problem?

also I’m try Baud Rate 9600~115200 in the two XBee.

I’m hope someone help me how to use simple method can be realized 250kbps?

Maybe XBee RF rate =250kbps Data rate=10kbps ~"~

The 250kbps rate you are referring to is the over the air fixed data rate. It is NOT the throughput. The Throughput for a Zigbee enabled device is around 30kbps for one hop, and 15kbps for two hops under ideal circumstances.