XBee S2 Throughput very Low ?

I have two XBee S2.

1 Coordinator (API mode)
1 Router (API mode)

R -> C
13A200 13A200

I’m try use the XBee(router) transmission

150byte packet to XBee(coordinator).

But I use X-CTU look the throughput. I’ts only have

8~9kbps throughput.

What’s the problem? 250kbps? 8kbps?

You should have closer to 20 to 30kbps for a Coordinator to Router 1 hop connection. Try changing channels and see what happens.

I’m try changing channals. but also 8kbps. What’s the problem?

Switch to transparent mode and increase your serial baud rate to 38,400bps. Make sure that you also are using CTS flow control.