Xbee series 1 Data throughput

hi I have an xbee connected to my sensors which samples 14 bytes every 5ms. Other xbee is connected to PC.When is send 210K bytes of data at 115k baudrate my throughput will be 99% but when i increase the data to 700K at the same speed, throughput will be 69%. I am absolutely stumped. why is it that my throughput reduces drastically when i increase the number of data sent keeping the speed constant. Thanks

Do you have the profile files for your Xbee? I’m trying to find a way to broadcast from one base unit, 6 digital outputs to multiple receivers as fast as possible.

Does the serial speed affect Xbee to Xbee transmission, or is this only for connection from Xbee to the host machine?

There are two possible reasons. First, you have a baud rate mismatch. and the 2nd is that you are exceeding the radios actual throughput. To address the 2nd, use hardware flow control. To resolve the first, either interface with the radios at a baud rate of 112kbps or use two stop bits.