Theory question about xbee s1

Hello, i have a question that is more in theory. I am a bit complicated. We say that xbee s1, which uses IEEE 802.15.4, has maximum capacity of 250kbps.
Lets say that i want to send exactly 250000 bits. In theory i thought that if i set the xbee baud rate at 250000baud and by saying that xbee’s can communicate at 250kbps max, i could send those 250000 bits at exactly one second. But from what i have understand by reading various posts, this is not true. There are also bits that are added by the protocol as well as invisible ACK’s to me… So those 250000 bits would arrive at more than one second… I also read about throughput(in wiki too) but i am not sure if i have understand correct.

So in summary could anyone answer me if i have understood correct or i am talking nonsense??

You are looking at it as if it was a 250k serial cable. They are not. They have processors and over the air protocols that must be observed. Once you take that all into account, your throughput is more like 80kbps with burst of data going up to 115.2kbps.

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