How can I send more than 100 bytes of data through the XBee Series 1

I’m new two the XBee world.
I have to XBees Series 1 one connected to my PC through the a USB Serialport and the other connected to A Raspberry PI

I’m using the xbee-api NodeJS module to communicate between these two devices, the problem that I can’t send more that 100 bytes of data.

When I googled, I ended up that I have to manage this my self.
I’m thinking of splitting my large data to send to a small frames and sending them one by one, for sure I will make my own protocol for sending this data using sequence id for each transmission etc… I’m I in the right way ?

Thank’s in advance.

That product uses the 802.15.4 protocol. In that protocol, the maximum number of bytes you can send under one RF packet is 100 bytes. In order to send more than 100 bytes, additional packets would have to be sent with each being no more than 100 bytes.

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