How can we send a 100,000 byte packet through XCTU?

In your answer, you suggest that, in order to increase throughput numbers, we should send a packet of 100,000 bytes, and increase the transmission timeout.

I was able to increase the transmission timeout. However, XCTU limits the size of the packet to 100 bytes.
Is there a way around this limit within XCTU?

thank you!

The throughput is limited to around 96 kbps on the XBee S2C 802.15.4:

The maximum payload size is indeed 100 payload bytes, and cannot be changed.

For throughput, we recommend that you design your own test, as the XCTU throughput tool is not accurate.

Thank you for clarifying that “the XCTU throughput tool is not accurate”.

We were seeing strange issues with it, and have designed our own separate test. Getting much better throughput now. Thank you!