How to increase the throughput of xbee?

I’m doing a project on live audio streaming through xbee. The baud rate we are using is 115200. Audio transmission works perfectly through wired UART connection. But when we performed wireless communication through xbee, audio got distorted. I think the problem is within the xbee data rate. How can i solve this issue?

I’m not sure which module you’re using but the data rate will be lower than 115200 if it’s using DigiMesh
eg See this datasheet on page 34 where it says:

Configuration Data Throughput
1 hop, Encryption Disabled 87.1kbps
3 hop, Encryption Disabled 33.9kbps
6 hop, Encryption Disabled 17.0kbps
1 hop, Encryption Enabled 78.9kbps
3 hop, Encryption Enabled 32.8kbps
6 hop, Encryption Enabled 16.5kbps

Looks like the Zigbee ones are even slower… from page 64 of this datasheet
Configuration Data Throughput
1 hop, RR, SD 35kbps
1 hop, RR, SE 19kbps
1 hop, RE, SD 25kbps
1 hop, RE, SE 16kbps
1 hop, ER, SD 21kbps
1 hop, ER, SE 16kbps
4 hops, RR, SD 10kbps
4 hops, RR, SE 5kbps