Getting low data rate on xbee3 communication

Device: Digi xbee3 mesh kit (Firmware: 802.15.4, 200D).

According to the datasheet the data rate should be around 250 Kbps.

My setup: Tx-Rx within 10 feet distance, direct line of sight. Max tx power +8dBm. I have selected a channel that is less crowded from Wi-Fi and set the Baud rate 115200. The transmission is unicast (with MAC addr) With this configuration, I am able to transmit/receive at only ~15 Kbps.

I’ve tried to increase the baud to a higher rate. While doing so, my devices bricked, and had to reset. Please let me know if I need to set any specific configuration to achieve the ~250 Kbps data rate.

Thank you,

The data rate you are referring to is the physical data rate that the two radios talk to each other. It is NOT the throughput or streaming limit of the product. To be clear, the IEEE set the RF data rate that the radios talk to each other at 250kbps. That is a fixed rate that the RF talks at between the two as part of the protocol.

Due to protocols, the effected streaming limit is much lower than the rate that the two radio talk to each other at. I would suggest looking in the manuals for throughput and you would find out more on what is effected.