how to get the maximum data rate of XBee-PRO SX?

Hi, All

how to get the maximum date rate under MESH mode?

with the instruction of user guide, there are 3 data rate modes, 250kbps, 110kbps and 10kbps. however, the maximum value I get by X-CTU is only 40kbps (point to point), no matter which data rate is selected.

does anyone can know how to configure the maximum rate?

thank you very much!

Sure you set the baud rate to the desired rate, then you set the BR which is the Over the air data rate to the 250 rate. The the DL and DH to the desired modules SL and SH. Set the TO to 0x40 (point to multi-point).

Then using hardware flow control you send data.

Remember that the data rates you are referring to are the fixed RF data rates the radios talk to each other. They are NOT the supported throughput rates.

thanks. so what is the maximum throughput with MESH mode? (multi hop is excluded)
by the way, I also tested this configuration as you mentioned, 250kbps data rate with P2MP mode. and, the throughput result of X-CTU is 40kbps

one more information, baud rate is 921600

For Mesh, I would expect it to be around 30 - 38kbps over 1 hop and considerably less per hop.