Throughput test unidirectional 8.16 Kbps for Xbee S2C! Why so low?

I have one S2C module in API mode as coordinator and one S2C module in AT mode.

Baud rate is 115200.

Result of XCTU throughput is 8.16 Kbps…

Modules are 25 cm away from each other.

Can someone tell me how I can get 91 kbps or more?
Or what is the max thoughput for S2C modules?

I have been told I use the wrong modules XBEE 900, but they gave me at the end 20 Kbps…

The S2C is a Zigbee mesh based product. If you were to use Unicast addressing in both directions, your best throughout would be no more than 30kbps over 1 hop.

But now for 1 week I get much lower trgouhput in XCTU then I should.

I tried different modules S3B S1 S3B , the best I ever got is 20 kbps with s3b.

What can be the reason it is so bad?

What I really miss here is a possibiltiy to upload screenshots and profiles of the module to verify by others.

You told me I could get 30 kbps wen I get 8 kbps, 91 kbps when I get 20 kbps.

There must be a reason these figurs not match right?

The Xbee’s should be an easy way to communicate, but as long as speeds are so low we can not use it propely in our home automation products.

So is there a way to email profiles and screenshots to a digi support line to analyse what goes wrong?



If you haven’t tried this already, try increasing the size of the packet payload to 100,000 bytes and increase the transmission timeout (maybe 20,000 ms). The throughput test is measuring only the transfer rate of the payload/data portion of the packets. However, each packet contains several bytes of header information. So, if you send the same amount of information in fewer packets you will increase the transfer ratio.

If your module uses the 802.15.4 protocol, the maximum throughput you can expect is 83 kbps, according to the manual (page 11).

If your module uses ZigBee, the max is 58 kbps, according to the manual (page 84)

You might find this information useful: