Practical Throughput for S2C is not 54 kbps???


I am using S2C PRO modules in my project. I am doing some throughput test with these modules on XCTU. I used console terminal program to send data from coordinator to router or router to router, and vice versa in AT-AT mode. When I enabled security, the throughput drammatically decreases from 31 kbps to 7 kbps. Should it be like that? In addition, how can we achieve the practical throughput which are given in the product manual of XBee Pro ZB S2C as 58 kbps and 34 kbps when the security enabled and disabled, respectively?

I set baud rate as 115200 with flow control and sent packets looping infinitely with 50ms transmission interval. Besides, when I set transmission interval below 50 ms, my packets are loosing at the recevier side. What is the bottleneck here? By the way, the RO is set to zero.


The throughput rates in the manual are under a Unicast configuration with a Cabled connection and ideal circumstances.