Network security in transparent mode?


I am using S2C modules in my project. I did several tests on the modules using XCTU software. I performed AT-AT throughput test with the modules and I got about 23kbps throughput. However, when I enabled the encryption features (NK, KY, EE, EO), the throughput test crashed and no packet is transmitted. What is the problem here? Is the security not being provided in transparent mode?



For higher baud rate above 19200, use hardware flow control and your issue will get resolved.

For this, while adding module in XCTU, select Flow Type: “Hardware” instead of “None”.

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Thanks for your answer. I will try this. I used console terminal program to send data from coordinator to router and vice versa in AT-AT mode. When I enabled security, the throughput drammatically decreases from 31 kbps to 7 kbps. Should it be like that? In addition, how can we achieve the practical throughput which are given in the product manual of XBee Pro ZB S2C as 58 kbps and 34 kbps when the security enabled and disabled, respectively?