Xbee 3 Throughput Problem


I’m using XBee 3 in API mode where the product family is XB3-24, Function set is Digi xbee3 Zigbee 3.0 and the firmware version is 100B. So in this, I got around 4ksps and sometimes it is around 8ksps. When I got 8ksps until I did not restart the modules it remains 8ksps. after restarting it is again 4ksps, Why? And my target is to achieve more than 8ksps. here I’m using the XCTU utility.

When using the Zigbee or Digi Mesh functions, you are not going to get high through puts. You really would need to use the 802.15.4 version.


As per your reply, I tried in 802.15.4 version and I got around 9ksps but as per my question I want more than 8ksps in Digi Xbee Zigbee 3.0 version with encryption enabled. I got around 8ksps in Digi Xbee Zigbee 3.0 without encryption but I want with encryption enable mode so how can I achieve this?

I think there is a little confusion. The IEEE 802.15.4 is the PHY and MAC level protocol that the Zigbee Mesh network protocol resides on top of. If you are only getting 9kbps with the lowest level protocol, a higher level protocol that runs on top of that lower protocol in the networking layer is not going to outperform the lower level protocol.

In Digi Xbee Zigbee 3.0 I am getting around 8ksps on encryption disable, and 4ksps, when encryption is enabled, is that possible?
What throughput should I get with Digi Xbee Zigbee 3.0, when encryption is enabled and disabled?

Yes that is about what you should be getting with the Zigbee firmware versions.