sending multiple packets by xbee s2, maximum throughput


I am using xbee s2 in API mode, connected to my pc using usb dongle. I am willing to build a Zigbee mesh network. and I am working with the C library provided by digi. I want to take advantage of multi hop routing.

my question:
how can I maximize the throughput of sending multiple packet? I mean do I have to wait for the acknowledgment form the receiver, or I have to wait for a specific amount of time? i.e.


XBee S2 modules have Tx buffer of around 200 bytes. Hence, module can intake new data packet while previous one is still in transmission state.

200 bytes is about 1-2 packets. I want to send more packets at the same time, and delay is important for me. which method do you think that is the best?

You really need to wait for the ACK before you send the next packet.