Sending multiple packets quickly

Hi, I have two Xbee S2Bs, and I need to send 5 packets of 64 bytes payload as fast as possible. I am feeding the packets to one Xbee via a microcontroller, using the CTS flow control. The other Xbee is connected directly to my computer (at 230400 bauds).

If I send all five packets as fast as the CTS allows me, I only get the first two, sometimes the first two and the last one, but never all five. If I put a hard 15ms delay after sending each packet, I will receive all 5 packets. Why do I lose packets without the delay? I need to send the five packets as fast as possible, ideally without any delays.

This is the wrong product for streaming data at nearly any rate above 38,400bps. Try using the Xbee S2C with the 802.15.4 code or using the XBee 802.15.4 modules. You will find that the data throughput will be considerably higher (about 80kbps). But there will still be some delay.