Xbee ZB packet loss

I am using 2 xbees to communicate with each other. Right now the coordinator is sending data to the router. I used the XCTU range test to check if there is no packet loss however, there was always minimum 5% loss.

Is this normal? Is there a way to get 100% efficiency?

Relevant information:

  1. The coordinator is connected with PC through USB module having CP2102 chip.
  2. The router module is connected to PC through RS232.
  3. Currently have set the coordinator for unicast communication.
  4. Baudrate is 9600

Yes it is normal to not have 100% packet efficiency.

I know that API mode allow you to have a check to be sure the packet is arrived and you can get the 100% but in AT mode, the only way to be sure is to send a message to say “yes i receive this packet”.

Look at API possibilities.

good luck

Thanks a lot, I went through the datasheet and found transmit status frame which can be used in API mode.

However, I still have one doubt and that is suppose a transmission fails, then what is the maximum time in which I should be expecting the transmit status frame? So that I would consider the transmission to be a failure if the noted time has elapsed.