Data Lost issue

Dear Friends,
I am using XBP 24 Z7 module for one of my project.
The application is used in Automobile industry having AC closed shop floor. All modules r working in the range of 100 mtrs max with line of sight.
I face issue that the data send from PC or from field device r not reaching to destination. The frequency of such lost of data is 20% in total operations. I hv tried to explained the details by attached files.
The PC used with Coordinator is HP work stn having 8 serial ports. (PCI - Moxa full duplex card)
The Routers r connected to microprocessor based system having serial communication.
Serial communication settings r standard.

I request to inform me settings / solution / checking method etc for the mentioned issue.

Under ZigBee, broadcasting kills performance for about 5 seconds. I assume you are using At mode, so there is no ability to retry lost messages. So broadcasting 7 x 60 bytes messages within 3.5 seconds is probably not possible (unless I misunderstood your design). i assume you have manually forced each coordinator to a different channel using SC parameter? This will also help as then traffic on say port #2 won’t fight with traffic on port #5.

You also didn’t mention the baud rate (or I missed it).

Just some comments in general:

  1. people often use API mode on the coordinator, which allows them to send to specific remotes using unicast RX data frames
  2. they often use AT mode in the remote router with DH/DL = 0/0 which means the remote just unicasts back to the coordinator.
  3. if you have API mode in PC/coordinator, you will receive 2 responses. First is a TX status, which explains if the packet was handed off to the router, and second would be any data response from the At Router.