Losing data

hi there.
Changing a little bit of the main topic, I have a serious doubt.
I intend to create a mesh net using Xbee ZB. For this, I will have one coordinator and four routers. I decide to choose the Transparent mode so as to use my own protocol.
The problem is: in my first test, using one coordinator and one router, I configured both of them to broadcast one single byte per second. Debugging the system I realized that some bytes are lost often.
I just want to knowm the reason why it is happening, cause I intend to use my own protocol, and for this reason my communication needs to be much faster than 1 byte per second.(around 1ms per byte)

I appreciate any help.

I branched this to a new topic, since it doesn’t have to do with the original thread of setting the BD parameter.

Perhaps you could post the settings on your modules. If you save them from X-CTU as a .pro file, you can then attach the files to your post. It might help if people can see how your modules are set up.