Anyone used a XBee3 CAT-M/NB-IoT modem in the UK on Vodafone?

We sent a device to the UK that is supposed to use Vodafone’s NB-IoT network. It’s not working and to make things worse we don’t have access to any kind of user interface.

Is there any fundamental reason why the modem may not work on this network?

Yes it should work. That is as long as you have the proper APN entered in the AN command and your account has CAT M/NBiOT service. You also need to have CAT M/NBiOT services in the area.

Thank you, that’s good news. The AN should be set correctly. I did realize after the fact that N# is set to zero. I would hope that the modem would fallback to NB-IoT?

Europe does not offer fall back in some locations. So it really should not be used or expected.

What exactly is the definition of fallback? Are you saying that the carrier needs to support both CAT-M and NB-IoT and the modem falls back to NB-IoT if the CAT-M signal is not strong enough or present? Some providers only offer NB-IoT. Would the connection fail in this instance?

That is correct. Fallback means just that. If NBiOT is not present in the area, then it will try to connect to CAT M.

That is also correct. If there is no CAT M service or NBiOT service in the area, then yes, it would not connect.

I can confirm we have the modem connected and operating on the network. Thanks for the help.